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Objectives & Strategy

Commerce Industry & Employment department is responsible for all round industrial development and creation of employment opportunities in Madhya Pradesh. The department acts as a catalyst to modernize & strengthen the Industries of the State to make them globally competitive. The State has industrial friendly atmosphere and favourable policies for development of Industries. The department facilitates establishment of Industries to achieve employment generation and utilization of local resources. It also provides a forum for Industries through their associations to represent their needs to the Government, which envisages to make industrial friendly policies and ease in availing required services.


Promotion of economic development of the state and creation of employment opportunities through industrialization and private capital investment


  • ‚ÄčIndustrialization & Private Investments

1. Establishing & Promoting 'Brand MP'  

·         Web Portal - INVEST Portal

·         Participation in National and International events

·         Organizing Roadshow at National and International Level

·         Global Investors Summit (once in two years)


2. Development of Industrial Infrastructure

·         Developing new industrial areas and investment Corridor

·         Land allotment on “First Come - First Served basis" - Without Waiting

·         Arrangement of best-in-class Infrastructure maintenance in Industrial Areas

·         Provision of Land Bank to facilitate allotment of undeveloped land to large Industries


3. Ease of Doing Business

·         Single Window Platform

·         Simplified procedures for Environmental Clearance and Consent to Establish & Consent to Operate.

·         Labour Laws, Building Construction & Land Diversification - Approvals through Simplified Procedures


4. Industrial Promotion Policy

·         Tax concessions

·         Timely delivery of Incentivies


5. Cabinet Committee on Investment Promotion

·         Approval of Customized Package of Incentives beyond the Policy Provisions (case to case basis)


6. Facilitation

·         One-to-one meeting of Investors with Hon'ble Chief Minister on every Monday for time bound resolution of issues./difficulties.


  • Creation of Employment Opportunities 

1. Career Counselling & Organising Job Fairs for unemployed.

·         Organizing Career Counselling and Employment fairs for unemployed

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